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Davis Access Ltd Platform Trade

We have introduced a new service to all our customers called Platform Trade. We have a number of customers looking to buy Powered Access Machinery. This unique service allows us to give you a free valuation of your machine if you are considering selling it.

All you have to do is provide your machine details along with a recent photo and we will give you our estimated value of your machine. Please contact us for a Valuation Form.

The second part of this unique service is followed up by an inspection and report of your machine, enabling us to provide you with an actual valuation of your machine so potential buyers can have this information.

The cost of this service depends on the location and type of machine you are looking to sell.

This will save you and the buyer a lot of time looking at machines they would not be interested in, so you would only get genuine buyers looking at your machines.

In today’s climate this has to be an advantage and cost-effective way of saving money on expensive trips to view machines that are not of interest to you.

This will allow us to find potential buyers for your Machine from our extensive enquiry data base of customers looking for machines

Alternately please fill in our Quick Enquiry form the right of the page:

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