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Scissorsafe Fall Protection

This course has been developed for those ideally with previous Safety Harness experience.

The initial classroom based period covers Work at height theory, inspection of webbing and rope components and correct harness wearing before transferring to a safe site zone with cast-in void formers for a practical demonstration of a Fall restraint from a lifeline and single-point anchor using Scissorsafe and Post-drilled anchors.

Course Content

Awareness of;

  • Gravity, Falls & Injury
  • Current Relevant Legislation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe Working Practices
  • C.E. Marking
  • Product Instructions Booklet

Instruction in;

  • Manufacturers Statement of Obsolescence
  • Compatibility of Equipment
  • Storage, Care and Cleaning procedures
  • Pre-use Inspection and selection of Appropriate Equipment
  • Correct use of and limitations of selected equipment
  • Suitable and Reliable Anchorage points
  • Remove from service if damaged or subjected to a fall


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