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Scaffold Awareness

This Scaffold Awareness course provides even the most experienced worker with knowledge on how the job has to be carried out as per todays health and safety standards.

This Scaffold Awareness Course is highly recommended!

This Scaffold Awareness Course Covers:

• the broad requirements of the regulations and good practice that relates to scaffold use

• technical scaffold terminology

• potential site hazards in scaffolds and know how to remove or mitigate them to a level that is acceptable

• current levels of knowledge and understanding of scaffold safe use through the testing process

• multiple choice question paper


CourseOperator ExperienceCourse DurationDelegates per CourseAge Requirement
Scaffold Awareness Any Experience

1 Day

Maximum of 12 16

To run this course there is a minimum 4 delegates unless booked in on our open courses.

If you have any concerns about whether you are eligible to undertake this course, please contact us.


Delegates will receive in-house certification Scaffold Awareness with 5 year expiry.

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